Dasein Edu-Mentoring


Attentive one-to-one, lecturer-student sessions to diagnose the difficulties that students encountering both academically and non-academically. It delves insight into issues and helps students to restore confidence, creative directions as well as directions in life. It functions as a catalyst and ways to facilitate the inner growth of a student.

Dasein Edu-Mentoring


Professionals from the art and design industries are often invited to provide workshops and sharing sessions for students to have industry insights via real case studies, in order to help widen their horizons and perspectives. It seeks to inspire and foster unique creative individuals instead of students becoming mass produced products molded by rigid formulas.

Dasein Edu-Mentoring


Opportunities for students to take part in social activities such as helping the less fortunate social groups for good cause. It helps students to realise that skills learned at the college are also about practical in helping others. Through projects that tap into human kindness and compassion, students will gain self-affirmation, therefore asserting their value of existence.

A distinctive education ideology found in Dasein Academy of Art that focuses on human development and individual transformation. Essentially, it is a people-centered approach for guiding and mentoring students.


No Two People Are The Same, Time to Unearth Your Creative Best


Each of us lives a different life, gains different knowledge and experiences. Backed by a burning passion in art and design, together with lecturers who are there to help you unearth your potentials and talents, coupled with your personal experiences and thoughts - you will be able to create works of art unique to you, showing your creative best to the world at large.

Our lecturers are by your side through the process of creating, through thick and thin, conquering even the highest mountain. Knowing that you are on the right path gives you a huge boost of confidence, and this serves as a motivation for you to overcome the challenges ahead.