I have to say that it is one of my greatest learning experience so far.

Without a doubt, the credits are given to the lecturers who guided me throughout my time in this academy. No matter if it is related to class assignment or our personal work, the lecturers always give us the finest comment and criticism for us to improve. With the vast amount of knowledge by the lecturers, they always give us the insight about the art industry so we will understand what we're about to face and cope with to become a successful artist.

In addition of guest artist / speakers giving us invaluable information, insight provided by lecturers and my skills that improve unexpectedly quick, I’m enthusiastic about my future learning and to be able to contribute in this art industry.


Update & Check-in with Dasein Alumni 
  • Karl He is currently working as Senior Background Artist in one of the renown art studios in Malaysia.
  • Projects he has involved including background art for Japanese animation film, "Weathering with You" (Tenki no ko), Japanese video games and more.