Using one word to describe my college days would be fun! Student life for me is indeed fun and carefree which I realized upon stepping out into the industry. As a student, I can apply and execute ideas (no matter how crazy they seemed) into my works, such as making my life story into a book,

Before graduating from the college, I had the opportunity to do my internship at an advertising agency. This experience has inspired me to kickstart a career in the
advertising industry to further hone my skills in idea generation, planning and executing an ad campaign, filming and shooting and get involve in other process that
helps to build a brand.


Update & Check-in with Dasein Alumni
  • Nicky is currently a Graphic Designer with one of the top advertising agencies in Malaysia, Naga DDB Tribal.
  • Her tips for juniors joining the program would be: "Follow your passion, it'll lead you to your purpose."