I have had the passion and talent for the arts since I was young. Studying didn’t bode well with me during secondary school years, I was quite the rebel too but thankfully my parents supported my interest in the arts and they sent me to an art institute for my tertiary education. Unfortunately I wasn’t serious about my studies at that time, my results were poor and my parents lost their confidence in me.

I chanced upon the further study leaflet from Dasein Academy that my sister brought home from an education fair and I decided to give it another try at a different school. Back then (around 20 years ago), computer aided design wasn’t a common thing yet, and so taking into consideration to keep up with future trends, I decided to enroll to Dasein and I completed my studies in 2004.


Update & Check-in with Dasein Alumni
  • Jay Lim is currently the Co-Founder & Creative Director of renown design studio TSUBAKI
  • Some of his accolades include: 2013 Antalis 102030 Malaysia’s Top 20 Young Designers, 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan, Asia Top Young Designer Below 30
  • He bagged over 17 International Awards including: HKDA Global Design Award 2016 (Hong Kong), Red Dot Award Winner in Communication Design 2015 (Germany), DFA Design For Asia 2019 in Visual Communication (Hong Kong) for 4 consecutive years, Golden Pin Design Award 2014 (Taiwan), TOPAWARDS Asia 2019 (Japan) to name a few.
  • His advice for juniors joining the program would be: "You should have a clear direction and know what you are doing. You need to have good planning on how to best apply your skills upon completing your studies and joining the industry. You have invested time and effort into your studies, therefore you should not waste the skills and knowledge you have learnt. Set a goal for yourself, such as ‘I want to become an award-winning designer’ or ‘I want to make money with my designs’ or ‘I want to become a designer that sparks change to society.’ The industry will bloom and grow if budding designers are motivated towards their goals. It is important to have a continuous passion in design. You may hear words that are discouraging that could possibly change your mindset or slow your tracks but nothing can snub your passion for design."