26 August 2022


KUALA LUMPUR, 26 August 2022 - Deputy Head of Illustration program at the college, Sean Lee talks about the Diploma in Illustration program, including the course structure and teaching methods, past and current industry trends, possible career pathways and advice for who are keen to join the program.

The use of illustration no longer limited to just books, newspapers, packaging or other forms of print media. The demand for illustration works are gaining momentum as they are used in animations, game design, interactive media experiences and more. In an increasingly competitive environment, the need for creativity and innovation continues to expand and illustrators with the expertise are in demand.

Deputy Head of Illustration program at the college, Sean Lee explains that the college's Illustration program covers a balanced education of both traditional art skills and digital art, along with contemporary idea development and new media. Contemporary artists' works often featured in magazines and books, product packaging or even products and merchandises. The use of digital art is prevalent in games, animation, website, comic and posters, board or card games etc., resulting in high demand for concept artists.

"Though there are many AI software or apps for digital drawing or painting, they cannot replace human artists simply because AI cannot capture nor portray the feelings, expressions or storytelling. The generation of students today lacks art appreciation thus the program covers traditional art training to digital, preparing students with more knowledge and insight to develop their signature styles while improving the inherent artistic aptitude for illustration."


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