To me the 3 years of study at Dasein was a journey of self-discovery. I got the chance to explore my interest in different subjects, learn the basics and get to identify my potential through the final year project of producing an animated short film with the guidance of our helpful lecturers. Of course, it was unforgettable how great our classmates were, helping each other and cooperating as a team like a mini production house.


Update & Check-in with Dasein Alumni
  • Sin Yee is a VFX Lighting Artist with Mill Film, Australia.
  • Some of the projects she has involved including, “Love and Monsters” film distributed by Paramount Pictures & Netflix; commercial ads for Revelot luxury watches, Tiger Beer, McDonald’s; web-drama <AHBOYS:Hidden Warfare> post-production; game cinematics for “Heroes: Rise of the Legends”, “Ridiculous Players from Online World”, “Omega Sapien” etc.