Tham Yoke In


Tham Yoke In
(Diploma in Fine Art)

Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition 2014 winner in both Printmaking and Oil Painting categories, Tham Yoke In is a strong self-discipline student with positive learning attitude. Apart from delving in her own personal research and development in her artistic studies, she is actively involving in attending local art exhibitions, in which she gradually building up her experience and knowledge in knowing local artists and art developments. Her determination in achieving the perfection in what she is doing is rather worth to praise of.


An accurately painted female figure keeps repeating in a concealed space without much expression. The painting Emptiness intended to reflects the lost without a sense of direction in daily routine activities. The melancholy atmosphere reveals the internal emptiness of a person, in which life seems repeats tediously with no significant meaning.



Blue is the colour of grief. A bird-eye view of the female figure lying quietly on her bed looking to a conceal window aimlessly. The painting Loneliness examines the life and purposes of young adults today. Making use of the solitary and misery young female form to reflects the uncertainty and ambiguities confronted by young people in our society nowadays.



A children playground located in a vast residency area with silence and gloomy atmosphere. Making use of the immensely empty space, the painting Paradise reflects the sorrow of one’s childhood memory due to social and environmentally changed. The playground is no longer a happy garden for children.



Soak depicting an everyday subject. The painting attempts to enlarge the ordinary subject with particular composition and colours ; and bring it to our attention for its mundane beauty.