Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition 2014


Group photo for winners of Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition 2014!


Congratulations to our Daseinians who have won the Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition 2014!


1st Prize Charcoal / Pencil / Ink
Title: Nation’s Delight
Name: Yasmeen Cheong Pooi Sum
Description: Employing traditional charcoal techniques, the artist successfully captures the essence of the subject’s action through the portrayal of kinetic movement lending an air of dynamism to the artwork.


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: Reform
Name: Lau Pik Yoke


3rd Prize Charcoal / Pencil / Ink
Title: Old Man and Bike
Name: Lai Phui Yao
Description: A well-executed pencil drawing with minimal lines, the artist relies on the surface of the paper to provide a textural dimension to the composition with good tonal control throughout. The fading background of this delicate piece conveys a sense of waning heritage.


1st Prize Oil & Acrylic
Title: Ice Kacang Ball
Name: Tham Yoke In
Description: The artist does a brilliant job of breathing life into the various components of the artwork despite using a limited colour spectrum. Even though similar colour shades are applied, the viewer is able to recognise the distinction between cloth, wood and metal elements. The focal points of the artwork, the hands of the ice kacang vendor and the compressed ice flakes she is moulding into a ball, are executed exceptionally well. Close attention is also paid to the play of light throughout the composition.


2nd Prize Oil & Acrylic
Title: Lonely Childhood
Name: Ng Zhijun
Description: The artist has created a poignant piece, synthesising a simple subject matter with a complex composition. A putty-like substance is used to add a textural layer to the artwork while the play between light and shadows is finely executed. The artwork is also delightfully suggestive. The depiction of the subject’s legs and shadow cleverly imply that the subject is a child.


3rd Prize Oil / Acrylic
Title: Tins in My Memory
Name: Lim Seow Mui
Description: A technical sound still-life composition featuring well-crafted subjects depicted in raw and vibrant colours, the artwork exudes a sense of nostalgia with its portrayal of old rusty tins. The rust on the tins is captured especially well, adding to the realism of this piece.


Consolation Prize Oil / Acrylic
Title: Simplicity
Name: Tan Lu Man


Consolation Prize Oil / Acrylic
Title: Disappearing
Name: Lee Lik Hsiang


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: The Old Classroom #3
Name: Lim Zieshan


1st Prize Water Colour
Title: The Story Beyond
Name: Yong Kang Yun
Description: The art work featured an expressive use of the water colour medium that is both beautifully executed as well as technically sound. The art piece uses white space, light and shadows effectively to portray the dishevelled façade of the homes lining old street, with attention to detail being clearly evident in this intricate composition.


Consolation Prize Oil / Acrylic
Title: My Urban Childhood
Name: Lee Xuan Guang


2nd Prize Water Colour
Title: It Was A chaotic Cinema
Name: Lee Xuan Guang
Description: The artist demonstrates great skill and imagination with this beautifully rendered composition. Strongly themed around the dereliction of heritage, a sense of isolation and abandonment comes out strongly in this piece. The irony is not missed as the title “Majestic” is juxtaposed against the dilapidating structure of the heritage building.


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: In the Top of Temple
Name: Lee Xuan Guang


Consolation Prize Water Colour
Title: Timeworn Houses
Name: Tey Ke Pei


Consolation Prize Water Colour
Title: Around the Corner
Name: Koo Yean Ni


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: The Passed Memories
Name: Chok Yue Zan


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: Rest
Name: Lee Kang Zheng


Consolation Prize Print Making
Title: The Memories
Name: Chan Yik Cheng


3rd Prize Print Making
Title: Over the Roof
Name: Ong Cai Bin
Description: Utilising the sillscreen printing method, the artist presents a visual interpretation of the walls of an old house in Melaka. The omitted foreground offers the viewer a curious sense of ambiguity created by the positive and negative spaces.


2nd Prize Print Making
Title: Mah Meri’s Tradition
Name: Lau Pik Yen
Description: An ode to the proud traditions of the Mah Meri indigenous tribe, the artwork features an innivative amalgamation of a dry point rendering of a Mah Meri tribeswoman weaving together with weaved paper. Each part of the overall composition seems to be an extension of the other.


2nd Prize Mix Media
Title: Story Behind
Name: Ong Cai Bin
Description: Employing the triptych technique, thec artist utilizes wood etching, textured painting and representational painting to depict heritage in this composition.