Clubs & Societies


Animation Club

Through the club, students will participate in talks, seminars, visits and even internships. Students also get valuable advice from industry professionals, leading to brighter career paths in the future.


Digital Media Club

Club members get to escape their computers, try different things, visit new places, explore the outdoors, and organize charity and fund raising events. A Digital Media award night and field trip is organised every year to help develop their character, attitudes and promote outstanding individuals.


Domiti Club

The Domiti club is indeed a big happy family. There are so many activities to take part in, including charity runs, debate competition, blood donation, basketball competition, an annual camp, study trips and so on.


Fine Arts Club

The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung once said, “The creative mind plays with the objects it loves”, and this means a lot to the Fine Art Club. By joining the club, students will get to visit galleries and artist studios, enjoy outdoor trips and activities, and to participate in various charity events.


Graphic Design Club

Through this club, students will get training on self improvement, exchanging thoughts between classes, get more involved in cooperation and interaction, readjust attitudes, and simply having fun indoor or outdoor.


Illustration Club

By joining the club, students get more opportunity to learn about illustration, and they can develop their creativity beyond the classroom.


Dasein Student Council

Its purpose includes: To facilitate student/course relations, to provide a representative government and serve needs of the college and students, to educate/enhance the educational experience, to assist large/broad scale activities, and to be a voice of Dasein students, courses and clubs.