Dasein students are an endlessly active bunch, focused not only on studies but also on various activities in the college. A well rounded attention on a wide variety of interests is believed to greatly enhance the students’ emotional growth and positivily aid their educational development.

There are many clubs are available to our students, all of which leads to a good number of events both in and outside of the college. Among them are The Graphic Design club, the Illus League, the Animation Club, the Fine Art club, the Domiti club, the Digital Media club, the photography club and Student Council.

Students support one another through the demanding academic programs, club activities and forge bonds with one another and with the college that remain throughout their careers.

Through the experience, support and encouragement that they share in their studies and club activities, they forge a bond with the college and each other that remains for life.

Our students may come from various walks of life, with different zip codes, and diverse backgrounds, but blended together, they develop self-motivation and perseverance. To be inspirational, creative, and wise, the qualities that leads to dedication, generosity, and potential.