Phua Wan Hui


Phua Wan Hui
(Diploma in Fine Art)

Phua Wan Hui’s artistic development and expression is different from any other conventional approach. Possesses a strong believe in her direction, she adopts a different attitude in her art making by introducing religion, living habitual and social phenomenon to her art practice. Phua Wan Hui owns an independent and determination character which allows her to be able to locate herself in a situation where no others in her peers can accomplish; particularly in her performance work and her peculiar eye- catching construction work from found and readymade objects.

“ Animal Has No Right ”

A tall hanging tunnel made out of recycle cartons, adhesive paste and other mixed media with dripping red colour refers to blood, giving a repulsion and uneasy feeling of the surface texture. Animal Has No Right is an installation work that addresses the issue in animal killing, particularly those endanger species. The ‘’blood’’ dribble down from the heavily textural tunnel to the various sizes of bowls underneath like a ritual ceremony, a sacrifices to modern development and technologic advancement. A collection of research proof of digital print images laid spread out as a strong evident in this accusation.


“Three Months Eternal World”

The process of collecting cigarette buds for three months as footage in recording personal physical and emotional changed in related to smoking. The collected filthy cigarette buds were place inside different sizes and shapes of clean container, making a strong contrast on internal and external conflict.


“Sacred Script”

Inspired from observing and contemplating the printed warning signs and images from the cigarette boxes, the work Sacred Script is constructed from more than two hundred collected cigarette boxes. The processes of cutting, assembling and collaging of all printed text and images from the cigarette boxes to form a visual dialogue is like a daily routine exercise during the process of making, where much of concentration and time are needed.