Peranakan Hipwrap Sarong

Title: Peranakan Hipwrap Sarong

Zilin Yee

Major Course: Graphic Design


World Packaging Design Society / Packaging Of The World / The Dieline / Braaanding / Label Pak / Favourite Design / Sudasuta / Laboratory Brands / Allpack Indonedia / Package Inspritation

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A mixure of Chinese and Maklay culture. The story of Peranakan tells how Chinese migrants settled and started their own families with the local Malays. To keep the Peranakan spirit alive for future generations, the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum in Malacca, intend to revive the Batik Sarong as part of the unique Peranakan traditions. The design objective of this project is to ptomote the “Peranakan Batik Sarong” as an exquisite Peranakan heritage collector’s item.