The Lost

Theme: The Lost
Course: DIL114 / 3-6
Team Members: Ng Kai Ghi, Liew Siew Yen, Pang Qiao Wei, Chua Mei Fong, Ng Chee Wen, Tee Soon Seng, Yong Chuan Yee, Lim May Poh, Wong Qiu Yan, Adrian Wong Shuen Neng, Desmond Goh Sze Yen
Date: 20th – 23th August 2014
Opening Ceremony: 11am, 20th August 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 10.00am to 05.00pm (Monday – Friday), 10.00am to 01.30pm (Saturday)
Exhibition Venue : Dasein Academy of Art, Gallery

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As grown up, we often judge the book by its cover; while things may be different from children’s view point. We would like to show this concept by create installtion art of another imaginary world and hide them in a “storeroom” using a space of gallery.
“The Lost” is used as title to shows the difference between grown ups and children, where children sees differently compare with grown ups. We grown ups who once been child, most of us will lose some thing as time pass by with or without realize by us. 1 2 3 4 5 7 bookshelf close up1 bookshelf close up2 bookshelf close up3 bookshelf close up6 bookshelf close up7 bookshelf close up8 bookshelf close up10 bookshelf close up11 bookshelf close up12 bookshelf close up14 bookshelf close up15 bookshelf close up16 bookshelf close up17 bookshelf open1 DSC_0622 shell run close up2 single door open2 single door open4 virtual water tank2 wardrobe close up1 witch's kitchen open3