Title : Four.Busy
Course : Graphic Design (DGD 113 / 3-6)
Project Title: Design Entrepreneurship Exhibition
Venue : Dasein Academy of Art, Gallery Exhibition
Date : 14th May 2014 to 16th May 2014
Gallery operation hours : 10am – 5pm
Team Members: Chuah Tai Jun, Lau Wan Jun, Ng Pui Ling, Lai Kha Yong


In today society, always busy in work began to ignore the life, gradually began to forget a lot of things.
Every day, day not bright, hazy eyes catch the time; always ignore the small scenery around.
Every day, the busy work, listen to obey, gradually began to be heard no more of own heart.
Every day, the busy life, habits without breakfast, habits with fast food and habits instant noodles.
Every day, keep going busy, dream of slowly forgotten, just keep blindly work and boring life.
Busy then forget. Busy make forget everything in around.
Should begin to slow down step and clam down to listen, observe, think and feel everything in around?


Four.Busy team members


Four.Busy team members and Design Entrepreneurship Lecturer Mr. Herbie

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