Foo Fei Ling


Foo Fei Ling

from Malaysia

Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif

Presented by Foo Fei Ling at DDARTFEST, ‘Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif’ is a collective project by 4 renowned Malaysia filmmakers: Liew Seng Tat, Tan Chui Mui, Woo Ming Jin and Yeo Joon Han along with actor-producers Foo Fei Ling and Chua Thien See.

Dotted  Line 1 'Love of Lai Kwan Tan' film still

‘Love of Lai Kwan Tan’ film still

2 'Welcome to Kampong Radioaktif' film still

‘Welcome to Kampong Radioaktif’ film still

3 'Love Dish' film still

‘Love Dish’ film still