My Faber-Castell Front Row, 2015

My Faber-Castell Front Row, 2015

Grand Prize Group

Grand Prize : Leong Keen Ming

1st prize group

1st Runner-Up : Lai Wen Hao

2nd Prize group

2nd Runner-Up : Choong May Yee



winners group

Group Photo of The Winners


A collaboration between Faber-Castell and Dasein Academy of Art, with official media partner Q-E3.COM, the My Faber-Castell Front Row award ceremony was held successfully. We would like to thank you for all the efforts and support given to us. We hope that through this competition it will encourage our students to participate more in similar activities to gain more experience and knowledge.
In this competition, we received more than 60 pieces of artworks. Inspired by the fashion front row, students applied their creativity and skills to create their artworks. After a few rounds of judging process, we finally selected a few winning artworks for this competition. Here we would like to congratulate the following winners:

Lee Li Sze
Loke Kah Man
Chuah Jia Chi
Chew Ming Chern
Gan Kwang Yee
Toh May Xuen

Most-Liked Artworks:
Cheng Kah Xin
Cheong Shuly
Lee Li Sze
Loke Kah Man
Tong Pei Wee

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