Essence of Living

Essence of Living a solo exhibition by Agnes Lau Pik Yoke

Programme: Diploma in Fine Art
Subject: Art Marketing
Group project: Joy Ng Mei Lok, Chow Yee, Koh Hooi San, Sim Hoi Ling
Batch: DFA143 3-7 & DFA142 3-8

With the ‘essence of living’ being the foundation of my studio practice, the discovery and exploration on the details of everyday life plays a major role in my constant pursuit of art.
The repetitive process in my art making process comfort me by bringing my mind back to the present moment and also act as a therapeutic element. It enables me to build up a strong defense against the challenges that I face in my daily life. The process of concentrating and focusing in the present moment embrace both time and space.
Life is so much more beautiful with art consciousness.