Graphic Design Overview


Contrary to popular belief, Graphic Design is beyond just drawing and ad-making. It is the intersection between art and function, the creation of visual communication capable of connecting people, initiating trends and introducing new perspectives. Graphic Design is an art form that examines the specific needs of a market or an audience, and addresses that need by providing a visual art form both effective in its communication functions as well as bringing aesthetics, splendor and comfort to everyday life.

A graphic designer’s role is to solve visual communication challenges by first identifying the communication’s requirements through gathering and analyzing related information. Then, after examining the needs of the communication’s market or audience, the designer would explore potential creative visual approaches to meet the challenge.

A good graphic designer must learn to understand the social norms and cultural contexts of his/her audience to develop the best creative visual solutions capable of reaching, touching and even exciting the people who experience it.

The Diploma in Graphic Design program in Dasein Academy of Art is not only serves to accentuate the adequacy of practical training exclusively for the professional level of the creative industry, but also focuses on the crafting skill in cultivating individual characteristics and authentic style in the design work.

Hence, graduates are able to produce more unexpected outcomes and igniting sparks towards the overall result. Simultaneously, Graphic Design graduates will have possessed the positive and highly desirable attitude. Incorporate with the national culture and self-values in an individual development which in turn is able to project an excellent reputation for themselves, and this is very much being valued by the creative industry.