Digital Media Overview


Why Digital Media?

Looking at the future of digital technology development, the global demand for more advanced technological applications will increase. In order to meet the future technology trend, the demand for skilled experts in the digital media industry will increase significantly.

What is Digital Media?

Digital Media spans across art, science, and media practice, a multi-media communication platform for the exploration of technology and aesthetics. It covers different mediums from online webpages to interactive applications.

Why Digital Media in Dasein?

The Digital Media program at Dasein Academy emphasizes on industry-driven learning experiences in communication and media arts.

This curriculum guides students to discover design solutions incorporating art and technology, of which they will be poised to take on challenges in the constantly evolving digital media industry.

We understand that creativity and technology are best conveyed when lecturers and students come to a point of mutual understanding. Students are our main concern and we aim to provide the best for our students.