Animation Overview


The programmes of the course are designed to enable students to develop skills in animation, 3D modeling, art sense, storytelling, solution finding, project management, and presentation, technical and analytical ability.

The delivery of learning is through hands-on experience; workshop, tutorial, assignment and classroom lecture. Majority of the time students will have to put theories into practice. During classroom lectures, students will be taught concepts and theories. Students will be provided with opportunity to research, analyze and plan for their assignment. The assignments are the platform for students to implement theories into their work. Through the assignments, students will be able to enforce their understanding of the lectures, as well as, improves their skills in technical aspect.

To offer the best learning experience, the teaching team is well experienced in the industry and has served many years in education field from well established art colleges in the nation.

Dasein library constantly brings in updated and relevant books that will benefits the course. Students are advised to fully utilize the library for working, research and even leisure.

Nowadays, the internet is rich with information. Hence, students are encouraged to search for resources on related fields and topics in the internet. They will be guided to explore more about their studies to enhance lessons taught in classroom. It will widen their knowledge and the scope of their technical skills. Forums and websites will serve as a platform for students to exchange information with overseas artist. They may even have a chance to get their art works critique by professionals from the world famous film and game studios. Through all these resources, students will be able to promote themselves which would lead to higher chances of being spotted by the industry’s professionals.

Thus, Dasein Animation course is always improving and provides the best for the students’ future. We are planning to bring in more exciting events and knowledge that will enrich and spice up student’s learning experience.