Title: Catalysis
Contemporary Art Exhibition by Dasein Graduates!
Opening Ceremony – VIP Guest : Mr Gooi (President of Dasein Academy of Art)
Date : 23 Oct 2014
Time : 8:00pm
Exhibition Period
Date : 23 Oct – 8 Nov 2014
Venue : HOM Art Trans

Catalysis einvite

Founded in 1996, Dasein Academy of Art provides creative education with an emphasis on distinctive expression, where young talents manifest their imagination and abilities within an inspiring environment and intellectual context. Over the years, Dasein’s fine art department has fostered a new generation of fine artists that not only contributed to the local art market but also shine in the international art stage. Their art practice challenge the conventional in subject matters, technique and presentation, bringing renewal energy to the art scene in Malaysia.
Collaborated with HOM Art Trans, CATALYSIS brings together the works of some of Dasein’s most outstanding fine art graduates in recent years including the more established and the emerging, among them many have received various outstanding awards. The exhibition takes a closer look at some of the themes, ideas and directions which have been explored by these graduates since the turn of the new millennium. It also provides the viewers an opportunity to look more broadly at the contexts in which a new post-Mahathirian generation of artists, those typically born in the beginning of the 80’s, have approached and developed aspects of their professional art practice.

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Dasein President Mr. Gooi

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Lim Yong Wei


Wong Jing Hao


Gan Tee Sheng


Tham Yoke In


Yim Yen Sum


Low Kar Lai


Cheong Tuck Wai


Yeoh Choo Kuan


Chong Ai Lei


Group photo with lecturers and Dasein’s most outstanding fine art graduates