#Buku Latihan

#Buku Latihan a solo exhibition by Ho Mei Kei

Students Curatorial Team: Choo Ai Xin, Kong Shue Man, Lee Yok Qian, Low Kuan, Poh Chern Bin
Batch: DFA143 2-7
Subject: Art Marketing


#Buku Latihan: A solo exhibition by the Ho Mei Kei is a concept of child play in her artworks. In her opinion, play is a right of childhood, it is spontaneous and fun. She works as a children art teacher to observe the way of children in doodling and incorporated them into her works. Through her working experience as a children art teacher, she discovered that children reveal their emotions through drawing and doodling. She adopted those drawings and converted them into her own visual language as if this process taps into her memories that reminds her the way she was when she was little.
Ho Mei Kei is a graduate of Fine Art in Dasein Academy of Art. She had won 1st price in printmaking – Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition in 2016, also the 2nd prize in water colour category in 2015. As an young artist, she has had many chances in group exhibitions, like Mosaic Art Project by HOM Art Trans in 2016.

Exhibition Date: 29th Novermber 2016 – 2nd November 2016
Time: 8.00am to 6.00pm

Exhibition Opening: 1st December 2016
Time: 4.00pm
Venue:Dasein Academy Of Art, Gallery


Dasein Alumni Ho Mei Kei


Students Curatorial Team