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Programme: Illustration
Semester: Final Year Exhibition

Dasein Academy of Art illustration students welcome you to MONOLOGUE ILLUSTRATION FINAL YEAR EXHIBITION. The 10-day exhibition duration is from 11th December 2017 – 21th December 2017. MONOLOGUE is a platform for students to express their mental thoughts aloud through another angle. There will be 34 students presenting the artworks.

Date : 11th December 2017(Monday) – 21th December2017(Thursday)
Time : 10.00 a.m. -5.00 p.m.
Venue : Dasein Academy of Art Gallery

Come visit and grab some unique crafts! We warmly invite you to the Monologue Exhibition!

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DIL Concept design

DIL Concept design

Artist: Student’s Artwork
Programme: Illustration

Publishing Illustration

Annie’s nose is missing 安妮的鼻子不见了

Artist: Goh Shang Hao 尚好
Programme: Illustration

Annie’s nose is missing

Annie’s nose is missing. Did she miss it somewhere?

She started searching for her nose

She tried to search underneath her bed, the carpet and through the toys but didn’t find it.

More and more of her things are gone.

She searched through the medicine cabinet, old cupboard and the photo frames but didn’t see it.

She continued to search for it…

She searched the empty nest, dusty dog house, but didn’t see it.

Annie has been searching for her nose for a long time but still couldn’t find it.

Thanks for reading this! I’m the author and illustrator of this picture book. In the process of making this book, I put in a lot of small and hidden details to bring out the concept of the story, have you noticed it?
The concept of this book is through the use of pictorial to hint that Annie came from a broken family. As such, there are toys underneath her bed; dining table with two chairs only; a medicine cabinet full of drugs (anti-depression), an unused old cabinet; a person and doggie with crossed marks in the photo frame; empty nest and dusty dog house and so on.
The fact that Annie came from a broken family make her feel that she’s different from others. And that she was trying to look for her own flaws. Things got worse until Annie’s only guardian found a new partner. With the addition of this new family member, Annie managed to find her true self.
The book was inspired by the fact that my nose isn’t in the best condition. Incidentally I noticed that a dull sense of smell could affect one’s memory and sensibility. A missing nose was then used to indicate that Annie was degenerating after losing her nose and subsequently losing other parts of her body.
The story of the cat is actually a symbol of Annie’s spirit. Although Annie’s background is sad, she did not give up to find herself, just like the cat. The style of this book is by reference to the illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. In the process, I learned a lot of details and color management methods. In the process of searching for Annie’s nose, I want to specially thank my lecturer. Even though she had to work extra hours several times to guide me, she was still very patient. Last but not least, I want to thank you for sparing your time to read the book up until here. Thank you so much! Until we meet again.

Goh Shang Hao (DIL 152A)
27 June 2017