Date : 07 September 2015 – 11 September 2015
Title: Giving disposed eggshell a second life
Brand name: Aggskal
Team Members: Doreen Lam
Programme: Graphic Design (DGD131)
Subject: Design Entrepreneurship
Venue : Dasein, Gallery
Time : 9:00am – 5:00pm

Basic CMYK

Most of the time, people will dispose eggshell after cracking the egg, and so the eggshell becomes waste. We intend to give a chance to the eggshell and turn it into a valuable product by applying drawing on the eggshell. It will becomes an interesting art piece.
In addition, plants will be planted on the eggshell to make it functionable and appreciated. It will brighten up your day by reviving the symbol of life again.

20150908_113042 DSC_3732