All applicants should complete and submit an Application Form to Dasein Academy of Art. To avoid any delays, please ensure that all information is filled up correctly, with complete copy of your supported documents. You may obtain an Application Form from the Dasein Academy of Art, or
click here to download the Application Form: Application Form

Getting Started

Follow the 4 simple steps to complete and submit your Application to Dasein Art of Academy.


Choose Your Programme & Intake

  • Please review the information in the prospectus & speak to our counselor for advice.
  • Indicate the programme & intake that you wish to apply for.
  • Kindly ensure that you adhere to the application deadlines.

Check Entry Requirement

  • Please check your entry requirements to ensure that you fulfill the necessary criteria for the programme you wish to apply for. You may check with our counselor for further details.

Check & Prepare Documentation Requirements

  • Compile all the required documents to apply for the programme.

Submit Application

  • Please ensure that you fill up the Application Form completely and accurately.
  • All Applicants are required to pay a registration fees.