Student Testimonials

Beh Yit Xian

I feel that the strongest part of Dasein Academy of Art is the teaching method and the spirit of education. It is more focus on inspiration than direct teaching. Spirit of education, this is what i found in Dasein Academy of Art.

Carlson Woon

Lecturer in Dasein bring me not only the courses related skills, but the knowledge how to being success after the college life. Dasein is a truly magical place to learn Art and Design. I will cherish the lessons and experiences for the rest of my life.

Liew Yen Hwa

Dasein’s animation course lecturer are known very well in what their specific, and they very passion to teach and guide student, although they are not much time to spent for every student, but they are try their best to feed, I think this is the strength of it.

Loke Sin Yee

Lecturers here are all friendly and willing to guide us whenever we face problems. I would tell people that Dasein Academy is a very good place to learn, gain and upgrade ourselves. Studying at Dasein Academy is certainly the best decision I’ve ever made!

Lim Jia Wei

Dasein Academy of art was truly a life-changing experience for me and revealed a world of unlimited possibilities. The content of the whole semester is so intensive that I received lots of unexpected knowledge and experience.

Sebastian Cheng

The lecturer has a full understanding of students and they always try to teach students according to the aptitude. Friendly lecturers would develop the potential of me and give the most constructive comments on my every single artworks.

Tam Jian Ru

Dasein provides comfortable learning environment to us. I feel grateful to all Dasein lecturers who are like my friends . In these three years of study I have learned leadership, communication, observation and more.

Teh Chya Chyi

Passion and attitude are always the secret key. Dasein’s lecturers and tutors not only teach about techniques, but also the passion for art and the learning attitude.

Jessica Chin Shu-Yi

The lecturers were very helpful and always there for students whenever we needed to seek advice. The curriculum is structured yet sufficient space is allowed for creativity to take place.