EduMentoring is a pioneering and customized approach applied in education. Dasein Academy of Art has incorporated two key ingredients into its syllabus for developing young minds: teaching and mentoring. Eventually, it aims to provide insights for students to develop their individual potential into essential virtues for career advancement; while shaping the character of the individual into someone who is highly valued by their respective industry and peers.

The practice of EduMentoring is conducted by a group of highly dedicated and passionate educators and academicians who pay attention on each student’s progress, observing and monitoring their personality, behavior, academic progress, and other factors of personal development. Through closely coordinated mentoring and feedback sessions, students will be able to differentiate strengths and weaknesses between themselves and their course-mates, for individual realization and fulfillment.

This leads to new found motivation in learning for students and thus, serves as the catalyst to any transformation that is regarded crucial for achieving the greatest human potential. Through the EduMentoring approach, students are usually more matured, positive in personality, resilient when facing adversity and are highly creative. This unique approach to academic has proven to be effective in ensuring students to benefit most from self-learning, through changes on their perspective about life.